We are Experts in Graphic Design and Printing

Our distinction is that we represent colors in a gray world. We will be your partner, not just an advertising agency. Depending on our experiences, we find solutions that attract the attention of the target audience in distinctive and influential ways. We develop the best solutions that suit the customer to reach the largest segment of consumers by developing creative processes that fit the concept of trade mark.

We are a passionate group that is constantly working on finding unconventional, creative and unique solutions for advertisers and consumers. We are not satisfied with what we know one day, for us, learning is a never-ending journey and discovering and trying new things is part of our daily work. We promise not to give you cliched and traditional ideas for your brands and products. We believe that the Arab consumer does not get the advertisements that reach his aspirations. In our time, both technology and good content play a prominent role in the media development we are witnessing today, and for anything to take its shape and define its features, whether tangible or electronic, it must be placed in the appropriate place for it. Therefore, good content and technology alone, no matter how important they are, cannot provide you with a unique experience if they have the appropriate framework and the latest look, and here comes our role in
In presenting your brand through the most appropriate advertising methods

Abdulkader Fael

Owner and Founder at FAEL DESIGN Studio

Our Amazing Clients

We strive to put brands in the lead

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